PINK Make Up Brushes by Ecvtop


This 22 brush set is all you will need to produce flawless results each and every time you put on your makeup. If you are anything like me, you will have that favorite brush and will use it until there are two little hairs left. With this enormous collection, you will not have that problem. There are angled, flat, sponge, fan, eyebrow brush, mascara and foundation brushes included with this set. The bristles on the pink hair pieces are soft and perfect for your delicate skin. They are made of synthetic and natural hair.

These brushes are of good quality and the case they arrive in feels very luxurious. I would consider these as very gift worthy! Any female who wears makeup, would love to see these as a gift.

Click here to see on Amazon!

These are washable but take care to follow the directions on cleaning so these last a long time.

Here is some info from the manufacturer of these brushes:

  • Fit for sensitive skin, it can protect and beauty your skin well.
  • It helps define and shape a perfect contour for the face
  • Premium Synthetic Hair-Softer ,Denser and Silkier than stiff animal hair. No Shedding Hair and Not hurt your smooth skin
  • Brushes are made of quality natural hair and synthetic fiber for lasting performance
  • Portable and convenient for daily makeup



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