First Botany Night Time Facial Moisturizer

I have several items from First Botany and have to confess…I am hooked on their quality. This night cream has not disappointed. After cleansing my face at bedtime, I use about a dime size amount in my palm, rub my hands together and then, using both hands spread the creamy mixture over my face. It goes on kind of thick feeling but dries to the touch. I don’t worry about getting the cream on my sheets and pillows.

While I have not yet seen a difference in fine lines, I have to say my face is moisture rich even in this cold weather. I am using less of my daily moisturizer and don’t feel like my skin is too tight as I normally do after using some face creams which claim to reduce wrinkles or creases. I will continue to use this night cream and update should I get different results in the future.

I recieved this item at a discount.  My review is true and my honest opinion.

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