Creativity never was a strong suit of mine when it came to painting, drawing or making stuff. Put a pen in my hand, and I change into a different person. Not literally, but mentally. Oh wait, is that the same? Oh well. My writing style is simple and not overly complex. If I am being honest, I am not complex in the least.

I am new to the review world and I try to tell the truth and never embellish for the sake of showing a good rating for any seller or product. It is what it is… I know I hate that saying too but it is truly apropo. I love a challenge and writing reviews has proven to be just that. Some items that I try, I love! So I really do have to contain myself and not go overboard in the “I love it!” category. I love exclamation points!!!  Three times for emphasis!!!  !! Ok, five.

By the way, I am always good with constructive criticism. If you have any that would be beneficial, please drop me a line. Seriously.