I have several items from First Botany and have to confess…I am hooked on their quality. This night cream has not disappointed. After cleansing my face at bedtime, I use about a dime size amount in my palm, rub my hands together and then, using both hands spread the creamy mixture over my face. It goes on kind of thick feeling but dries to the touch. I don’t worry about getting the cream on my sheets and pillows.

While I have not yet seen a difference in fine lines, I have to say my face is moisture rich even in this cold weather. I am using less of my daily moisturizer and don’t feel like my skin is too tight as I normally do after using some face creams which claim to reduce wrinkles or creases. I will continue to use this night cream and update should I get different results in the future.

I recieved this item at a discount.  My review is true and my honest opinion.

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These are very nicely built goggles. They appear to be sturdy and that they would be comfortable. The case the came in will provide the protection needed especially during storage or while carting your skis/snowboarding equipment. The toggle on the case allows you to connect it to your suit for prevention of losing the goggles while not being worn.


The full coverage of the eye area on these goggles is great. No snow shine will get through.

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This 22 brush set is all you will need to produce flawless results each and every time you put on your makeup. If you are anything like me, you will have that favorite brush and will use it until there are two little hairs left. With this enormous collection, you will not have that problem. There are angled, flat, sponge, fan, eyebrow brush, mascara and foundation brushes included with this set. The bristles on the pink hair pieces are soft and perfect for your delicate skin. They are made of synthetic and natural hair.

These brushes are of good quality and the case they arrive in feels very luxurious. I would consider these as very gift worthy! Any female who wears makeup, would love to see these as a gift.

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These are washable but take care to follow the directions on cleaning so these last a long time.

Here is some info from the manufacturer of these brushes:

  • Fit for sensitive skin, it can protect and beauty your skin well.
  • It helps define and shape a perfect contour for the face
  • Premium Synthetic Hair-Softer ,Denser and Silkier than stiff animal hair. No Shedding Hair and Not hurt your smooth skin
  • Brushes are made of quality natural hair and synthetic fiber for lasting performance
  • Portable and convenient for daily makeup


img_0173Possibilities are endless with this huge set of clips and jute. From hanging kiddies art work to those cherished family photos, this set is sure to do the trick.

Once secured, this jute string is quite sturdy. At approximately 30 feet for each strand, you could do so many different projects. The clips are colorful and well made of wood.  With more than 100 clips you could choose other projects aside from using the jute. They are wooden so could be glued, nailed,stapled or attached in any way really.


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What a strong magnetized bar this has turned out to be.  I have placed some of my heaviest knives on this bar and they do not budge. This bar is 12″ wide and holds my larger knife set.  This is also available in the 18″ size if you have more knives you would like to display or have handy. My 12″ is perfect considering I have little wall space available in my kitchen.

Installation was a breeze with included screws. You will need a philips screwdriver to install.

The stainless steel look is very appealing and coordinates well with other stainless accessories. It adds a modern feel to the space and provides a needed expansion of storage room in my case. I recommend this as it is good quality and asthetically pleasing.


I received this this item free of charge and I am giving my honest opinion about the item. I am not required to give a positive review but the seller is counting on honest opinions whether they are positive or negative

Whiskey Rocks Anyone?

Whiskey Rocks Anyone?

Whiskey a Rocks by Frosty4 available on Amazon.


These arrived in a bubble envelope with out the benefit of bubble wrap or padding of any kind. That being the case, the box that contained the stones was somewhat scuffed. Now the stones are just that, stones, so of course they were not defective in any way but if this had been a gift for someone, it could have been an embarrassing moment. All of my close friends and even some not so close, are aware that I review items often and stand a chance of being the beneficiaries of my goods.

One of our friends who indulges every now and again in the liquid gold had never heard of these stones so I thought he would be the perfect guinea pig, oh I mean judge. Being excited to receive the box one night, he placed the stones in the freezer but for a shorter period of time than recommended to get them brrrr cold, the stones were removed and placed in a drink he was enjoying. Well of course they were not brrr cold but they were cool anyway. Cool. Yes they were way cool, as in totally the coolest thing he had seen since the iPad came out.  Realizing the stones were just showy cool and not temperature correct, they were placed back in the freezer to come to that exact point of perfection in a glass.

The next evening, the stones were pulled out of their frosty abode and once again placed in the bottom of the whiskey glass. Aha!  That was it, the drink was cooled properly and didn’t get watered down. Three stones were used in the glass which is the recommended number.  Once the drink is downed, simply rinse the stones and place back in the freezer. No need to use special procedures. These are real non-porous granite stones.

The only thing I would recommend for this item is better packaging and more eye appealing boxing for gifting purposes. The velvet like pouch is indeed a nice touch.