What a strong magnetized bar this has turned out to be.  I have placed some of my heaviest knives on this bar and they do not budge. This bar is 12″ wide and holds my larger knife set.  This is also available in the 18″ size if you have more knives you would like to display or have handy. My 12″ is perfect considering I have little wall space available in my kitchen.

Installation was a breeze with included screws. You will need a philips screwdriver to install.

The stainless steel look is very appealing and coordinates well with other stainless accessories. It adds a modern feel to the space and provides a needed expansion of storage room in my case. I recommend this as it is good quality and asthetically pleasing.


I received this this item free of charge and I am giving my honest opinion about the item. I am not required to give a positive review but the seller is counting on honest opinions whether they are positive or negative


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Source: Social Nature

Whiskey Rocks Anyone?

Whiskey Rocks Anyone?

Whiskey a Rocks by Frosty4 available on Amazon.


These arrived in a bubble envelope with out the benefit of bubble wrap or padding of any kind. That being the case, the box that contained the stones was somewhat scuffed. Now the stones are just that, stones, so of course they were not defective in any way but if this had been a gift for someone, it could have been an embarrassing moment. All of my close friends and even some not so close, are aware that I review items often and stand a chance of being the beneficiaries of my goods.

One of our friends who indulges every now and again in the liquid gold had never heard of these stones so I thought he would be the perfect guinea pig, oh I mean judge. Being excited to receive the box one night, he placed the stones in the freezer but for a shorter period of time than recommended to get them brrrr cold, the stones were removed and placed in a drink he was enjoying. Well of course they were not brrr cold but they were cool anyway. Cool. Yes they were way cool, as in totally the coolest thing he had seen since the iPad came out.  Realizing the stones were just showy cool and not temperature correct, they were placed back in the freezer to come to that exact point of perfection in a glass.

The next evening, the stones were pulled out of their frosty abode and once again placed in the bottom of the whiskey glass. Aha!  That was it, the drink was cooled properly and didn’t get watered down. Three stones were used in the glass which is the recommended number.  Once the drink is downed, simply rinse the stones and place back in the freezer. No need to use special procedures. These are real non-porous granite stones.

The only thing I would recommend for this item is better packaging and more eye appealing boxing for gifting purposes. The velvet like pouch is indeed a nice touch.


PowerSpa 24-Setting Deluxe 3-Way Shower Combo in Chrome

You often find that in the modern home full of individuals of all ages that one shower and one setting simply is not suitable for all. Young ones may have issues of use with higher shower units, whereas adults may take issue with a shower head installed at shoulder level. The Power-Spa Handheld shower head aims to reduce this issue considerably, providing you with a fixed and handheld shower head that will cater to your each and every need. It comes with multiple shower modes and should definitely be considered if you are in the market for a cheap and incredibly flexible alternative.


As previously mentioned, this shower unit comes with two shower heads. Whereas some modern showers go for size over practicality, the opposite is very much true of this unit.  Finished in an attractive chrome style plastic wrap that looks great in most bathrooms in most homes, both shower heads are some 5 inches across and come with over 50 jets each, meaning they look slimline, modern yet incredibly effective when  installed in your shower.

The joining and diversion mechanism follows the same path, looking slimline yet incredibly eye catching and the connector hose between the shower and the tap unit is also finished in the same chrome style, which gives a good sense of continuity to the unit. It looks just as good through a glass shower door or even the shower curtain when opened.


The installation process on paper is just as attractive a proposition as the appearance of the unit as a whole. The unit when unpacked comes with easy to screw bolts that connect right up to your tap mount and there is a good solid feel to the unit when installing and especially once installed. Each and every item feels solid to the touch and if you ever need to dismount the unit you can do so in well under two minutes. I installed this myself and found this to be true in my case.


Both heads of the shower operate at some 2.3 gallons of water per minute. Whilst this is fine if just one head is in use, with both running, water consumption is very high and will add considerably to water bills or well usage. This being said, the pressure is good even with both heads running and there are 5 unique modes that you can choose from for each head. These range from a soothing, near drizzle like effect to a pulsating massage and straight rain shower modes, entirely dependant upon your mood and needs.


Cleaning is a breeze with this unit. Simply rub the rubber nubbies and any accumulation of calcium or other deposits come right off.  No fuss, no mess.


The unit is attractive in design and the dual shower head configuration is eye catching in the best possible way.
Good pressure is generated from both heads, even when both are running.
5 unique shower modes, available for both heads is more than a lot of single head showers. Easy to clean, easy  to install.


None found




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Dragonfly Solar Lights


Great summer deco for the porch or patio.  The lights worked right out of the box but quickly grew dim. After charging in the sun for the day they lasted the majority of the night while blinking much like holiday lights. There are three modes to choose. Two blinks and one steady option. You also have choice of colors. Comes with a stake to keep solar eye in the ground for optimum charging. I have enjoyed viewing the blinking lights when I come down my driveway in the evening. They add some festivity to my outdoors.

ForPow Motion Sensor UnderBed Light

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This is a night light for your bed which is perfect for those late night trips to the bathroom or fridge. The lights are attached to the bottom rail of the bed and the sensor is placed so that any movement near the floor, no matter how slight, is sensed and the light comes on. The timer can be set for 30 seconds to two minutes for the lights to stay lit. You can also adjust the brightness of the lights. I have mine set on medium light so as not to disturb my hubby when I get up. I also have a little Chihuahua that sleeps with us (don’t judge me haha), and she is getting some age on her. Some nights she doesn’t see very well and will bark to wake me up to let her in bed. She has steps that lead to the bed top but since her eyes are not as great as they once were, the light senses her movement as well and she has no problems getting up to the bed now.  I can see this being a great night light for older folks as well as younger ones too.


Huixinda 2-in-1 Gooseneck Flexible Cell Phone Clip Holder

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I bought this to hold my phone as I take videos. It has worked well. The coil is firm and doesn’t ‘give’ so this makes a perfect holder for my iPhone 5s. The large clamp makes attaching to most surfaces possible. I have also used this to hold my iPhone as I view and read emails, instagram and Facebook. Keeps my hands free for other activities. I recommend this if you are looking for these types of applications